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Comprehensive Guide to Anubias
Anubias is one of the most common and easiest to maintain aquarium plants found in the hobby. They are native to the tropical areas of Central and Western Africa. Generally, the leases are glossy, ...
   Published: Tue, 22nd Jul 2014   Read Now »
UK: SEA LIFE set to open at The Trafford Centre Manchester
A £6.5million SEA LIFE aquarium is set to open at The Trafford Centre early next year, after planning bosses last night approved an application for the new attraction. Operated by global visi...
   Published: Mon, 08th Oct 2012   Read Now »
USA: Monterey Bay Aquarium - The Jellies Experience
The magical world of jellies – graceful, dancing drifters that pulse and glow, flash colorful lights and often pack a powerful sting – comes alive in all its psychedelic glory at the Monterey B...
   Published: Sun, 07th Oct 2012   Read Now »
Nat Geo Wild: Kingdom Of The Oceans
Nat Geo Wild: Kingdom Of The Oceans (Website) Episode Guide 4 Episodes Airing: Monday 8 October at 9:00PM - Nat Geo Wild - Giants Of The Deep Tuesday 9 October at 9:00PM - Nat Geo Wild - Sand W...
   Published: Sat, 06th Oct 2012   Read Now »
How To Successfully Keep Sponges
For such simple organisms, sponges lead surprisingly complex lives and have an incredibly specialised lifecycle. Here’s our top tips to keeping sponges alive in aquariums: Get The Placement Righ...
   Published: Fri, 21st Sep 2012   Read Now »
The Natural Curiosity of Bioluminescence
Bioluminescence in its simplest form is producing light (luminescence) by biological means (bio). It is something that has intrigued ocean explorers and onlookers for years, displaying itself as in...
   Published: Wed, 12th Sep 2012   Read Now »
Portuguese Man O' War Stings Boy
A fun trip to the beach in Penzance, Cornwall ended in a rushed trip to the hospital for a young 10 year old after being stung by an unusual visitor to the British coast. Dawud Lee, 10, saw the ...
   Published: Sat, 08th Sep 2012   Read Now »
Asian Arrowana (Scleropages formosus)
Common Name: Asian Arrowana Scientific Name: Scleropages formosus Alternative Names: N/A Origin: Southeast Asia - Southern Myanmar to Malay Peninsula and Indonesia, eastern Thailand to Cardam...
   Published: Fri, 07th Sep 2012   Read Now »
The Secrets of Seahorse & Pipefish Keeping
Seahorses & Pipefish belong to the family Syngnathidae and are commonly referred to as Sygnathids. They are found in seas across the world, from Tropical to Temperate and usually inhabit shallow, c...
   Published: Thu, 30th Aug 2012   Read Now »
Definitive Guide to Frogfish
They look awesome, and they have the appetite and character to match, Frogfish are a shallow-water cousin to the deep sea anglerfish (which possess bioluminescent lures). Frogfish still possess a l...
   Published: Sat, 25th Aug 2012   Read Now »
Maintaining Pumps
Cleaning pumps shouldnt be difficult or scary. Here's a simple step-by-step guide on how to clean a pump, followed by a few useful tips and hints. Take your pump. For this example we’re using a...
   Published: Mon, 20th Aug 2012   Read Now »
Question: What was the first type of fish you kept?
Goldfish, Tropical, Marine, Pond/Koi or Something Else...
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   Published: Sat, 11th Aug 2012   Answer Now »